Cohiba is the most famous Cuban Cigar brand in the world and, according to many, the very finest as well. In this category you can buy Cohiba Cigars directly on our website, where you can find a vast selection of highly sought after cigar boxes and singles – all available to buy online and ship worldwide. Cohiba is one of the most coveted Cuban Cigars brands on the market. The origins of this cigar brand are worthy of a prize winning novel. Legend has it that Fidel Castro sampled by chance one of his bodyguards daily smokes. Upon tasting how wonderfully balanced and aromatic the tobacco tasted, as well as how well the cigars were constructed, he requested to summon the artisan responsible for producing such a gem. His name was Eduardo Ribera. We have Editcion limitada, 50th anniversario, Behike 52, Behike 54, Behike 56, coronas especiales, esplendidos, EXQUISITOS, LANCEROS, MADURO GENIOS, MADURO MAGICOS, MAJESTUOSOS, MEDIO SIGLO, MEDIO SIGLO TUBOS, PANATELAS, ROBUSTOS, ROBUSTOS RESERVA COCHESA, SUPREMOS, SIGLO I, SIGLO II, SIGLO III, SIGLO IV, SIGLO V, SIGLO VI, SIGLO VI GRAN RESERVA and TALISMAN in stock.